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About me:

My name is Christiaan (call me Chris), a Dutch native, I’m 32 years old and I’ve been teaching English and Dutch since 2018. 

I see myself as a funny and positive person. I care about making people around me feel comfortable and am very patient. Having these skills made me decide 5 years ago to switch careers and to become a teacher. 

My hobbies?

– Watching/playing sports like football, cycling, formula 1, volleyball and hiking

– Playing/listening to music. I like to play the guitar and am a big fan of old soul music. 

– Traveling. I love to learn from other cultures, hence my desire to live in other countries. 

My teaching experience? 

I started teaching English in Vietnam. I tried teaching all kinds of age groups and classes.  There I gained experience like: working for a university, teaching large and difficult-to-manage classes at a high-school, having energetic and creative classes with younger kids, teaching science and math classes,  giving presentations in front of 300 students, IELTS tutoring, and lots of communication classes with adults. 


After this, I decided to take a step back and to focus fully on teaching online. At first especially English classes and after a while decided to teach Dutch as well. I’ve found a way to be adaptive to the students needs, and to still add a structure to the classes that will benefit the student’s learning effectiveness. 

This made me decide to start my own website. I love my job and hope that I can share my passion for languages with you!

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